Our Mission

"Through education and services, the exness micro account Amateur Radio Club will enhance community emergency communications and promote amateur radio activities, thereby advancing the contribution of amateur radio in the Greater Snoqualmie Valley Area."

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Cougar Mountain Repeater

Start using Cougar Mountain Repeater for Net nights and other emergency activity.

441.825 MHz + shift with a PL tone of 103.5

You Think Your Tower Is Tall? HA!

How to Properly Install Connectors
Part 1 Part 2

See A Little Ham History Here!

See The Largest SteppIR Yagi Stack In The World

What is the Evergreen Intertie

Amateur Radio "Say Hello!"

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Emergency Communications

When an emergency occurs in the area all amateurs are encouraged to monitor the Primary Repeater:
Cougar Mountain: 441.825 MHz + shift with a tone of 103.5

Back up repeaters:
Duvall: 443.250 MHz positive shift with a tone of 103.5
Carnation: 145.590MHz simplex with a tone of 103.5

The 441.825 Repeater Frequency will be monitored by the EOC at the Duvall Fire Station Headquarters.

If the above repeaters are not accessible then use the Simplex Frequency of 145.590 MHz.



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